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Get more out of Form Focus Access with these tips to help elevate your research and navigate the site more efficiently.

Horizontally Scrolling Tables

Tables wider than your screen can be scrolled horizontally. When on a touch screen device, you can scroll left and right by using your finger. If on a computer, you can hold down “Shift” while scrolling to scroll left and right.

Searching Tables

Almost all tables have search functionality to filter results. Use the search box above and to the right of the table to search the entire table. Use this to quickly find what years a specific horse, jockey or trainer won a race, or how many horses featured a specific race in their lead up form.

Column Searching

For more specific searching, there is often a search box on the second row for each column which filters results based on that column alone. This is particularly useful for more targeted searches, such as searching ‘M’ in the Age/Sex column to show all years where a mare won.

Sorting Table

For most tables, you can sort the listings by each column, such as barrier number or horse name by clicking on the top row of the column. Clicking it again will reverse the ordering.

Links to Other Pages

Links to other Access pages can be found throughout the site, such as when a race references a jockey. These are bolded and underlined and will take you directly to that pages listing.

Breadcrumb Trail

On top of each Access page is a breadcrumb trail of links to take you back up a page without the need to head back to the Access page.