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The Australian Thoroughbred Racing Industry has a rich and expansive history, dating back over 170 years.

Over the journey, various Industry and private publications have endeavoured to provide important key aspects of that history.

For a variety of reasons, these superbly produced publications either cease to exist or are published periodically.

Consequently, the Racing Industry currently does not have a dedicated resource to house and preserve the enormous and invaluable history of Australian Racing.

This website seeks to fill that void.


Established in 1997, the primary vision of FORM FOCUS was to research and compile concise historical data and information on all Group 1 races conducted in Australia (from inception).

Expanding that vision, FORM FOCUS broadened its coverage to include all Group 2 races, plus other selected major races on the Australian Racing Calendar.

The concept underpinning FORM FOCUS was to provide Race Clubs and the Industry with a “multifunctional reference tool” - providing a historical snapshot of prestige races, comprising a list of recent winners combined with a range of associated statistics, facts and commentary.

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